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Organizational alignment of SIX Financial Information in the Nordic Markets

av SIX Financial Information 2016-10-03

SIX Financial Information announces an integration plan to fully align the Nordic units with the global functional structures of SIX. This will allow SIX to strengthen the organization in the Nordic markets and to increase its competitiveness.

SIX runs its business units using a global functional governance. This organizational set-up has already been rolled out in Switzerland as well as in most other international locations. In June, SIX announced the integration of SIX Financial Information France SA.

Fully in line with this strategy, SIX has now decided to also implement this organizational model at SIX Financial Information in the Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland). The aim is that all staff will be allocated to one global function by the end of the year. Within the current Nordics product portfolio, more weight will be put on global products, which will allow customers to benefit even more from the global reach of SIX Financial Information.

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Topics: Customer Information, Media release