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Customized Web Solutions

SIX Financial Information's web platform has been developed since 1999 and currently supplies over 150 million page views per month.

Depending on the type of customer (bank or media client), the integration between SIX Financial Information and the client is done in different ways. In the case of banks, traffic passes through the bank's existing web platform and the bank system is responsible for authenticating users and controlling those URLs that are presented externally. For media clients, it is a different type of integration used. The purpose here is primarily to integrate the customer's Content Management System, and various types of content and service providers such as Twingly or Money Mate.

In the solutions offered by SIX Financial Information, there are a number of standardized modules that are adaptable to customer needs. For example a module graph to show historical price data, combined with corporate actions, securities portfolio, own lists, course monitoring, etc.

We offer a number of modules with streaming/pushed information in real time.

Our Web Solutions offer:

Customized websites
  • The customer can choose between available modules and information
  • No limitations in the integration between systems
  • No limitations in design
  • Adapted development of new modules
  • Third party/customer information
  • Mobile web versions

Standardized website

  • Selection of modules
  • Standardized information
  • Limitations in configuration, design and disposition 
  • Simple integration
  • Fast implementation

Investor Relations

  • Standardized packages (mini, medium, large)
  • Includes relevant information modules and function modules, e.g. chart modules and alert modules 
  • Fast implementation

Free standing modules

  • Charts/chart tools
  • World map
  • Investor map
  • Excel-formatted data 
  • Alarms
  • Tailored information

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