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Other services

Are you in need of print-ready graphs or tables, for example to your annual report? SIX Financial Information provides the following services.

SIX Charts and tables

SIX Financial Information develops and operates web-services for banks, brokers, media and businesses. We provide charts to quarterly reports, annual reports and other financial presentations.

We have benchmark indices for all types of shares, and fundamental data for all traded shares and volumes. We provide all information in whichever format the media demands - from simple exchange rate tables to print-ready layout. We can supply the chart in formats like .pdf, .eps and .ai, so that they can easily be adapted to corporate style and layout, and we can often deliver the same day you order.

Where was your share traded last year?

We deliver an aggregated picture of below market places which exposes about 95 % of the traded volume.

The report contains data for the following markets:
• Burgundy
• Chi-X

Please contact our sales represantives for more information.

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