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Digital Banking | API

- solutions for web and mobile applications that support your needs 

SIX Digital Banking API is a programmatic interface that allows you to have full control over the data and functionality from SIX. The web API is REST based and responds with JSON, which is well suited for modern frontend web and mobile solutions.

The API uses a consistent well-defined data model, is versioned and well-documented. It integrates into any backend system or web/mobile apps.

We have helped to simply how to use financial data, but also made you need a minimal amount of round trips to get the relevant data for your solutions. This enables you to have responsive solutions.

With our API you get access to:

  • Market and reference data (delayed/real-time)
  • Historical data/time-series for charts (including tic-by-tic)
  • News and press releases
  • Company information

The API goes beyond financial data and also offers API services such as:

  • Search
  • Alerts
  • Favorites
  • Portfolios (simulated)


Bottom line: The API is easy to learn, easy to use and allows you to have full flexibility when designing your solutions.

Would you rather use our worry-free Widgets, which are standard components, to be included in your applications?

Find out more about Digital Banking Widgets


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