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Our product range 

Covering all your needs 

SIX Financial Information has more than 85 years of experience in procuring, processing and distributing international financial information. Our extensive database is the foundation of our versatile product portfolio. SIX Financial Information offers products and services in the areas of reference data and pricing, market data, display as well as a wide range of targeted solutions. SIX Financial Information aggregates data, directly and in real-time, from over 1,500 sources worldwide covering the world’s major trading venues.

Your global partner

SIX Financial Information is a leading global data provider of first-rate data services and solutions for the finance and insurance branches, corporations and the media sector. Experts from 23 countries worldwide combine the advantages of a local presence and global reach in order to offer finance specialists a comprehensive data portfolio and know-how. This facilitates financial decision making, improves efficiency and enables finance specialists to meet regulatory requirements.

SIX Financial Information stands for reliability, quality and innovation. For more than 85 years it has proven to be a strong and forward-looking partner that enables its customers to keep abreast of change.

SIX EDGE and SIX News have been cancelled due to merger with Infront. Please contact our sales department for more information. 

Transparenz-538581501_RGB_small.jpgBackoffice and Compliance Data

The basis for efficient securities processing is timely and accurate reference and descriptive data, corporate actions and prices. Customers get access to data via PRIIP-KIDValordata Feed, Intraday Pricing Service, SIX FTP and Pep-Check.

Loesungsorientiert_24037421_RGB_small.jpgMarket Data 

SIX collects, refines and distributes data from over 1,500 sources across the globe. With our Market Data Feed offerings apiD, Market Data Feed and SIX Netfeed, you can tap right into this unique composition of data in real-time or on-demand. 

PAT_1376_WEB_small.jpgSIX Solutions

SIX Solutions develops and manages customized information and trading services on the Internet. We provide everything from standard solutions to highly complex and customized solutions and can offer a variety of options

Bird4_small.jpgSIX iD

SIX iD provides high-quality reference and market data, business news, and an array of information, delivered via an intelligent display packed with powerful analysis tools. It is available in three comprehensive packages. 

Alles_im_Blick_iStock_000057942650_Double_RGB_small.jpgSIX Index 

SIX is one of the largest index providers in the Nordic region, calculating over 800 indices under the SIX brand and customized indices on behalf of clients. We have widespread experience in index calculation and the development of innovative indices. 

Gelbflossenmakrele_757028f_RGB_small.jpgOther services 

SIX Financial Information provides charts and tables to financial reports and presentations, and reports showing an aggregated view of trading on markets representing 95 % of traded volume. Read more about our chart services.