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SIX Financial Information’s solutions should be the customer's way to a better result. Our products and services are developed based on the customer's real needs and with great personal service. The customer should feel that we are the most competent provider of financial information. 

SIX Financial Information's clients are professionals in the financial market. We have a strong market position with a recognized brand and a broad customer base worldwide. Our customers are primarily found among banks, brokers, portfolio managers, media companies and listed companies in other industries in need of financial information.


SIX Financial Information’s main strength is our both broad and deep expertise on the financial market. SIX Financial Information possesses an ability to assume operational responsibility and efficient packaging of information that corresponds with many different audiences, from professional brokers to private investors with an interest in the financial market. 

The cost awareness trend continues to increase, while the Nordic financial market continues to grow and the market is gradually internationalized. This means increased competition, which favors players with a good knowledge of and an anchor in the local markets. SIX Financial Information is continuously working to strengthen its position as the leading player in Europe.


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