Unique Nordic Content

SIX Financial Information provides a wide range of financial market data - realtime prices and news, fundamental information, 
earnings estimates and historical timeseries. Our focus is on the Scandinavian capital markets.



With new features like EDGE Sharing, EDGE is now better than ever. Learn more about the new version EDGE 5.0.


feature2-smallEDGE MOBILE

EDGE Mobile - the perfect app to keep track of the financial markets is now available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Our new blog to keep you up to date with the latest trends in the borderland of global regulation and increased data requirements. Enjoy!

Realtime & Trading displays

SIX Financial Information provides you with the fastest real-time applications for news and financial information in support of research, sales and trading.

Our display products have a very clear focus – to help you make the right decisions at the right time. That is why thousands of professionals use EDGE and Telekurs iD to follow the financial markets in real-time. Whether you are involved in research, sales, trading or risk management, you can rely on us to provide relevant and reliable data and tools to support your business.


 SIX Financial Information offers several different options. Let us help you find the right tool for you!


Expertly adressing your software needs. 

Thanks to our market and securities data offering and the business know-how of our solution specialists we supply customized solutions ranging from the data interface right through to client-specific systems.

Market Data

Real-time or delayed to meet your needs. 

Our unique database allows you to seamlessly link together nearly 1500 individual fields for millions of active financial instruments, to give a comprehensive view of your investment positions.

Backoffice & Risk data

Reference data and pricing. 

With SIX Financial Information you get access to price data from the world's stock exchanges, and one of the world's most comprehensive databases of reference data.

Global content, local knowledge.

Global content, local knowledge. 

SIX Financial Information is a leading global provider of first-rate data services and solutions for financial and insurance firms, corporations and the media. Its financial information comprises reference data, corporate actions, pricing and market data for over 10 million instruments and is unique in terms of information depth, breadth and structure. With 24 international offices SIX Financial Information combines the advantages of local presence with global reach to serve investment advisory, portfolio management, financial analysis and securities administration. Further information is available at: www.six-financial-information.com