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Changing default settings for charts

Do you know how easy it is to change the default settings for charts? Or to create your own chart templates? This article will definitely give you an EDGE!

Let’s say you want your Moving Average chart (MA) to always include an RSI study as well. Here are the steps:

  1. Select an instrument, right click and choose Chart/Moving Average. This will bring up an RSI chart.


  2. In the Analysis menu, select RSI (e.g. 14 days). An RSI panel will appear at the bottom of the chart area.
  3. Arrange the chart panels and apply any additional styling of choice. I put some fancy shading to improve readability. 


  4. Now to the magic: Open the window menu (“E” at the top left chart window corner) select “Save as a template”. In the dialog that follows you can choose to overwrite the existing template or to create a new template. Confirm and you are done! 


Now every time you open a MA chart (or any other name you may have chosen) for any instrument, it will use the new defaults:


Power tip 1: This trick can be done with almost all views in EDGE, not only to charts!

Power tip 2: If you want to revert to original settings (“factory default”), go to the “My EDGE” menu/Manage pages and Views. Locate the chart in the View template section and simply delete it.

Power tip 3: This magic can also be performed on complete pages, but that calls for another article.